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Process and product data management

Process and product data management in automobile development shapes, controls, monitors and improves developmental processes with the objective of achieving process orientation throughout. After all, this is something that becomes apparent in product quality. Furthermore, reaching ambitious milestones does not have to be accidental. Instead, it can be guaranteed with uncompromising process orientation. Not just once, but always.

We are responsible for all of the processes in the development or start-up phase that are needed for achieving project milestones. We always have one target: guaranteeing component part and vehicle release corresponding to the status both in day-to-day business and in overall development projects. Your process of product evolution provides the foundation for your actions.

Our expertise is geared to the our customers' fields of technical development : electrical/electronic engineering, body and equipment, overall vehicle, chassis and drive.

We offer the following solutions and services to meet your needs:

Change management:

  • Qualified component change handling
  • Monitoring of technology, schedule, costs
  • Controlling changes
  • Documenting changes
  • Presentation of proposed amendments in decision-making committees

SET work/development support:

  • Target-oriented tracking of project milestones 
  • Controlling specific project work
  • Tracking the degree of project maturity
  • Safe handling of customers' project-relevant systems and processes

Product data management:

  • Bills of materials and approval process
  • Standardised documentation of the design revision levels
  • Evaluating special actions specific to the project
  • DMU collision tests and virtual vehicles
  • Weight tracking / axle load calculation

Localisation management:

  • Coordination and advancement of localisation process
  • Putting on workshops on localisation at foreign production sites
  • Support for vehicle projects and supplier sourcing for new markets
  • Monitoring to achieve the degree of project maturity and quality targets

Version management:

  • Controlling and tracking stocks of hardware and software in pre-series- and prototype vehicles
  • Drawing up and complying with installation rules 

Certification management:

  • Supporting component part development in conformity with the laws
  • Drawing up and controlling the documents requiring certification all over the world
  • Coordinating component part certificates all over the world

Project management for guiding development:

  • Drawing up, analysing and aligning specifications and technical product descriptions
  • The person in charge of component parts (BTV) at the interface between the OEM and development supplier